Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use All the Rings instead of the built-in apps?

All the Rings compliments the built-in activity app, it isn't intended to replace it. All the Rings takes a deep dive into your data, giving you insights not possible in the activity app. You can monitor streaks, compare workouts, see detailed stats, and set up more frequent alerts. At the same time, we didn't want to add redundant info, so stats that are easily accessible in the activity app are generally not in All the Rings.

Is All the Rings really free?

Yes, All the Rings is free to download on the App Store. Most of the features are included at no cost and are ad supported. You can upgrade to the Power Pack to get all the current features.

What is included in the Power Pack?

The Power Pack unlocks the full feature set of All the Rings and currently includes:

New Power Pack features that are coming soon:

How do I enable the Power Pack?

You have multiple options to enable the Power Pack that not only enhance your experience, but also support the developers. All prices are listed in US dollars. Your local currency equivalent will be listed in the app.

Pick the subscription option that suits you best:

If subscriptions aren't for you, we have a one time purchase option for $19.99.

What if I just want to get rid of the ads?

If you don't want all of the Power Pack features, you can just disable ads for a one time purchase of $2.99.

Why do I have to grant permission to access....

Health data?

All the Rings allows you to look deeper into your activity data, workouts, etc. But in order to be able to process that data, access must be granted. All processing of your data is done on device, no personally identifying data is transmitted to us. If you deny access to this data, All the Rings will not be able to function correctly.

Additional health data?

For a future feature, we'd like to be able to show you how your stats compare to other people similar to you. At this point, the app does not use this additional health data, we're just asking for permission to gauge whether or not enough customers would be willing to share their data (anonymously of course), in order to make such a feature viable. You can deny access to this data without affecting the functionality of the app, though you won't be able to partake in the comparison feature if/when it's added.

Pedometer and motion data?

Granting access to your pedometer and motion data allows All the Rings to display your step counts along with your activity stats on the phone, as well as your step counts, speed, and pace on your watch during a workout. If you deny access to this data, you won't be able to see your step counts, speed, or pace, but everything else should work correctly.

Location data?

Your location is used when you track a workout. We map your route and attach it to your workout data. You will be able to view the route just like a workout tracked in the built-in workout app. If you deny access to your location, your routes won't be logged to your device, but everything else will function correctly.

Why does the longest streak badge in the activity app have a different number than the longest move streak in All the Rings?

The badge in the activity app tracks the number of times you hit your move goal in a row. It doesn't limit the award to once per day, so if you hit your goal, raise it, and hit it again, you are awarded the badge again. All the Rings calculates the streak directly and thus is more accurate.

How can I request a feature?

If you've enabled the Power Pack, you can vote on upcoming features right in the app. (In the app Settings select Vote For New Features). If you'd like to suggest a feature not listed there, or report a bug, you can send an email to

We feedback!

We believe every app has room for improvement. Whether you have support questions, feature requests, or just feel like telling us how awesome your experience with All the Rings has been - we want to hear about it!